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Jobs & Opportunities

Working for Fit & Able means you will be on your feet working hard before the race, during, and after the race. Unfortunately, that means you will not be able to participate in the race. The time frame required is typically Saturday or Sunday 6 AM - 2 PM, including a post-race crew lunch. Positions include both set-up crews and other more customer facing roles that are better suited to those who can maintain a positive attitude even under duress. Crew members are paid between $10 - $25 per hour depending on job responsibilities, experience, and time in service. 

If you aren't able to work a full shift or make all of our events but still want to help out at our events we also offer volunteers a $15 registration credit per event worked too!

Race Production Crew

Race crew jobs require loading and unloading equipment from trucks. In addition you may be responsible for one or more of the following jobs

  • Setup/Teardown - This involves setting up and taking down tents, moving boxes, setting up signage. Anyone with responsibilities to tear down should not run in the race.
  • Check-in Management - This involves being savvy with a computer. You will be the first person to greet runners when they arrive and you will help identify the runner and secure their bib. Attention to detail is critical here. This work is normally all done the day before the race, and the hour before the race starts on race day.
  • Race Shirt Distribution - This position ensures all runners get the shirt they registered for.
  • Volunteer Management - This position will check in those who have volunteered and will help make sure those volunteers get a shirt and escorted to their CPC team for training.
  • Race Information Booth - This position requires familiarity with the event in a big way. It also requires you to not give out bad information if you don’t have an answer. This is a critical position given to those with good judgement.
  • Awards - This position will help organize the awards and will help hand the out at the awards ceremony. Attention to detail is extremely important here.
  • Manage Aid Stations - From operating an aid station yourself to supervising several aid stations, this is one of the most critical positions on the race production crew.
  • Course Marking - For the ultramarathons, the ability to travel 30+ miles over 2 days is critical for this position and is best suited for seasoned ultramarathon runners. At the half marathons, this position involves working with the traffic control company and coordinating their work.
  • Drop Bags/Gear Check Management - This involves helping people secure their belongings and helping people find their stuff after the race is over.
  • Shuttle Management - This job involves working with shuttle companies and keeping the shuttles moving on schedule.
  • Start/Finish Line Management - From identifying portable toilet locations to setting up the finish arch to handing out food or medals at the finish line, this job is the center of the action. It is a lot to setup and it is a flurry of activity during the race.
  • Event Parking - This requires short work, but happens in early morning is incredibly critical to the success of many of our races.
  • Teardown - At some events, particularly our longer races, we like to have a fresh crew of people show up late in the game to help clean up when the rest of the crew is beat. We won’t have this position at every race.
  • Zero Waste - We need people in charge of our zero waste efforts. This includes setting up trash cans, monitoring them to ensure participants are sorting their waste correctly, and helping do the final sort after the event. This is one of most highly paid positions and requires a passion for diverting waste from the landfills.

We are always looking for more great help at our events! If you are interested in working with Fit & Able please contact us at