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Event Policies



Important Notice

All policies applicable to Fit & Able Productions, Inc. ("Fit & Able") free and paid events, services, clinics, training groups and teams, seminars, consulting, and anything else Fit & Able provides or offers to public or private individuals, groups, businesses, or organization are listed on this page, except for anything in addition to these items described in any waiver, contract, or other document.  In the case of conflicting language or interpretation, this page supersedes any policies described on all other pages, posts, and events available on  By registering for or participating in, volunteering for, being a vendor or exhibitor at, or sponsoring any event or activity staged, presented, hosted, managed, or organized by Fit & Able all athletes, and their legal guardians, agree to these policies.

Event Updates

All information and updates will be posted on and the relevant event sites.  It is each participant's responsibility to regularly check back with the event page for the most recent information.  Pre-race and race-day instructions will be will be emailed to all participants prior to the race (provided a valid and working email address was given upon registration).  Fit & Able makes no guarantee that information updates, other than race-day instructions and postponement/cancellation announcements, will be emailed to participants.

All Events are Inclusive

All Fit & Able events are open to everyone of any age, skill level, and ability.  We want athletes, participants, and spectators of every kind: youths, juniors, and adults; novices and experts; families, friends, and individuals; and corporate, recreational, and professional teams are welcome.  For participants and spectators with disabilities, we will try to make reasonable accommodations to the event or activity to allow them to participate or spectate.  However, we are unable to alter buildings, facilities, or other structures or property to accommodate disabilities. If you or one of your party have a physical or developmental need that may require special accommodation please contact us at least one month prior to the event to discuss reasonable accommodations that may be available. 

All Events are Recreational

Unless otherwise stated for a specific event, all events are recreational and noncompetitive.  A noncompetitive, recreational event is organized and run by volunteers, employs hand-timing equipment, and does not provide awards for overall or age-group winners or participants. Events will state if they are chip-timed races and what awards are available. 

Equipment is Your Responsibility

Athletes and parents of minor athletes must make sure their clothing, gear, and equipment is appropriate and maintained for the event they are entered into.  Fit & Able will not provide equipment to athletes who do not possess the necessary equipment or who have lost or broken their equipment at an event.  Fit & Able reserves the right to disqualify a participant from the event if their equipment is poorly maintained or inappropriate for the event.  Neither lack of equipment nor disqualification due to inadequate equipment are grounds for a refund (see the refund policy below).

Start Time & Delays

Provided there are no delaying factors, all events and races will start at the posted start times.  Start times are posted on the specific event's information page and will be included in the pre-race instruction email as a reminder.  All participants must be at the starting line, or other designated area, at the appointed time in order for the event to begin on time.  No time adjustments in the results will be made for participants who start the race late.

We work hard to ensure the event starts on time but occasionally factors beyond our control delay starting the event.  For safety reasons, we will not start the event until the course marshal or traffic control gives the all clear.  No delay in starting the event will materially affect the times or experience of any participants.  Reasonable delays are not grounds for receiving a refund (see the refund policy below).

Course Measurement & Certification

We plan our race courses using online mapping tools and then measure the course using calibrated measuring wheels, bike computers, and other tools. We work hard to ensure that course distances are as accurate as possible and that they are marked clearly on race day. Actual distance run may differ slightly from posted distance if the course was not run exactly on the same line we measured it. Please note there is always the risk that course markings may be moved, altered, or removed entirely by other people at the venue or severe weather. 

Not all courses are officially measured and certified by USA Track & Field or another governing organization. Events that have certified courses will clearly indicate it on the information page.  

Food & Beverage

Fit & Able Productions, Inc. will provide food and beverage appropriate for each event.  Water coolers with a limited supply of cups will be available in appropriate areas.  Food and beverages may not be free at all events.  At events where food and beverages are for sale, proceeds from those sales go to support the costs of the event.  Participants and spectators should always bring their own water and other refreshments to ensure they have what they need to perform their best and enjoy the event. As much as possible food and beverages will be available in individually wrapped servings.

Event Souvenirs

Not all event registrations include a complimentary t-shirt, giveaway, or other race souvenir.  Items included in a registration will be indicated on the race information page. For those events where these items are not included, they may be available to purchase separately.

Athletic Trainers & Medical Services

Fit & Able Productions, Inc. alerts local EMS and other emergency services to our events to ensure the quickest response time in the case of a medical emergency.  EMS may not be present at every event site. When appropriate, certified athletic and medical trainers are on hand to assist injured participants at a designated medical tent near the finish line.


There are NO REFUNDS for registration fees available for any events regardless of the reason requested.  Transfers, exchanges, and deferments may be available upon request. Refunds, transfers, and exchanges for postponed, rescheduled, or cancelled events (including for venue, weather, or other reasons) are at Fit & Able Productions, Inc.'s discretion.

All participants in live events are required to acknowledge and agree to the following statement regarding their registration options.

If local officials do not allow the live race to go forward as planned the event WILL NOT BE CANCELLED entirely. All participants will be transferred to the virtual race by default but will have the option to either (1) DEFER their registration to the 2021 race, (2) TRANSFER their registration to any of our other races before then, (3) EXCHANGE their registration with another runner, or (4) CONVERT it to a donation if they prefer not to race virtually. Participants must let us know which option they prefer by [Date TBD]. Refunds are not available.

Online Registration Service Charge

Fit & Able Productions, Inc. currently uses a third-party online event registration system.  The online registration service charges each registrant a NON-REFUNDABLE nominal service fee proportional to the registration fee they are paying.  You can see current service fee pricing here: Fit & Able Productions, Inc. does not receive this service fee and will not refund that amount for any reason. Credit card processors also charge service fees which may be passed on to the customer with race day charges as well.

Online registration services and credit card processors also charge a service fee when refunding a participant's payment for registration, donations, or store orders. The fee is typically $1 per refunded transaction. Registrations, donations, and store orders are considered separate transactions and cannot be refunded together. If Fit & Able Productions, Inc. in its discretion does offer a refund, the amount the participant will receive is the amount of the registration, store order, or donation (not including the initial service fee) less the refund service fee.

If refunds are otherwise offered for any reason, donations made by any participant being refunded for registration fees or store orders will still be passed on to the donee nonprofit organization on behalf of that participant. Fit & Able Productions, Inc. only facilitates donations through the online registration system and cannot refund money given to another organization. If any participant wants their donation refunded they must request it directly from the organization they donated the money to.

Membership fees (USA Triathlon, USA Track & Field, etc.) required for participation in any event or program, whether paid through the online registration system or separately, are non-refundable. Fit & Able Productions, Inc. does not receive these membership fees and will not refund that amount for any reason. If any participant wants their membership fee refunded they must request it directly from the organization they paid the membership fee to.

Packet Pick-up

All participants must show a photo ID in order to pick up their race packets.  All participants must pick up their own race packet (including team members).  Minors must be with a parent or legal guardian, who must show a photo ID, to pick up their event packet. 


All participants must sign Fit & Able Productions, Inc.'s Liability Waiver and Release form.  The waiver can be signed during online registration but participants may also need to sign a hardcopy at packet pick-up or check-in. Depending on the event, additional waivers may be required as well. Adults may not sign waivers for other adults but parents and legal guardians may sign waivers for their minor children. PARTICIPANTS WHO DO NOT SIGN THE REQUIRED WAIVERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT.  No refunds are available for participants who refuse to sign the waiver (see the refund policy above).  The waiver is fully reviewable on any online registration form before signing it. 

Event Check-in

All participants must check in at least thirty minutes before their event starts.  There is no guarantee that late check-ins will be able to maintain their seed time or be able to participate.  Event starts are not delayed for people to check-in.

GPS Devices

All participants are welcome to track their run with a GPS device. HOWEVER, GPS devices are not accurate! We measure all our courses with a calibrated measuring wheel tangent to tangent, which means we measure every foot of the course according to the shortest possible distance. GPS devices consistently deliver results that are shorter and longer than our measured distance.  GPS devices are also subject to interference from trees, cloud cover, weather, buildings, bridges, and other things that may obstruct a clear signal between GPS satellites and the tracking device and affect the distance measured. Variations in distance based on a GPS device are not grounds for official time adjustments or refunds.  The official USATF (our sanctioning body) policy on GPS is provided below:

​USATF/RRTC Position on GPS used by runners
Effective June 6, 2014

GPS devices work by receiving signals from satellites. The quality of different GPS units can vary, but all of them can be affected by conditions such as buildings in urban environments or heavy overhead tree cover that interfere with reception of the satellite signals and can cause them to be inaccurate.

Race courses Certified by USATF are measured by a proven method that incorporates the calibration of measuring devices against a steel tape and are verified by multiple measurements.

Race courses are measured along a well-defined path called the “SPR”—the Shortest Possible Route that a runner can possibly run. Most runners don’t actually run the SPR, so the distance recorded by their GPS device will usually be longer than the certified length of the course, even though the course was properly measured along the SPR according to USATF rules.​

Results & Awards

We work hard to ensure that results are accurate and awards are given to the appropriate participants. However, this requires participants to do what they are instructed to do with regards to their bib numbers and timing chips.
Improperly wearing bib numbers or securing timing chips may impact your finish results.

Bib numbers must be worn on the front of your shirt so that it is visible when crossing the finish line. Volunteers record participants' bib numbers in the order they finish as a backup results system. If the number is not visible on you at the finish line you may not receive a time if we must resort to the backup timing system. Do not put your number on a jacket or any other piece of clothing you may be removing during the race or tying around your waste. Do not put your number in your pocket.

Timing chips must be worn on your shoe and be attached securely with the two zip-ties provided at the chip pickup tent. Tightening the zip-ties too much may break the chip and you will not receive a time; not securing them tightly enough may cause the chip to fall off while running. Chips have limited read range with the timing mats: chips carried in your hand, pocket, or elsewhere above the knee will not read and you will not receive a time.

The default awards are as follows (some events may differ due to race type or client preference):

  • 3 Mile, 5K, 8K, 5.5 Mile, 6 Mile, 10K, & 6.5 Mile:
    • Top 3 Male/Female Overall
    • Top Male/Female Age Group:
      • 9 & Under, 10 - 14, 15 - 19, 20 - 29, 30 - 39, 40 - 49, 50 - 59, 60 - 69, 70 & Over
  • 20K, Half-marathon, & Marathon:
    • Top 3 Male/Female Overall
    • Top Male/Female Age Group:
      • 9 & Under, 10 - 14, 15 - 19, 20 - 24, 25 - 29, 30 - 34, 35 - 39, 40 - 44, 45 - 49, 50 - 54, 55 - 59, 60 - 64, 65 - 69, 70 - 74, 75 & Over
  • 1 Mile:
    • Top 3 Male/Female Overall
  • Doubles & Teams:
    • Top 3 Teams Overall

* No Double Dipping: overall award winners do not also receive age group awards. 

Awards are final as of the awards ceremony at the event even if the results are corrected or updated following the race. Participants must be present at the awards ceremony following the race in order to receive their award and medal. Awards and medals will NOT be mailed out to participants. Virtual events may have different provisions that will be stated on those event sites. 

Results are final as of 48 hours following the event. No further amendments will be made to the results after that period. Results will be updated only if the suggested correction can be reasonably verified by either the main or backup timing system or photo or video records from the event.

Email Subscription

Anyone who registers for a Fit & Able Productions event will automatically subscribe to our weekly newsletter but are free to unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link included in the email. Registering for multiple events may subscribe an email to multiple distribution lists that may need to be unsubscribed from separately. Registering for another event afterwards may not automatically re-subscribe them to the weekly newsletter. Please contact us if you wish to be unsubscribed from or resubscribed to our weekly newsletter.